Il semblerait que les jours fastes s'enchaînent en ce moment. Le fan que je suis a atteint un nouveau palier en venant d'obtenir une interview d'Ivri Lider par réseaux sociaux interposés.

Je vous la restitue dans son "jus" anglais pour plus d'authenticité :

It’s always interesting to pay close attention to your lyrics, and I would want to know what is your writing process ? Where does inspiration come from ?

I don't have a regular writing process, I try to keep it very intuitive, when I have an idea for a line I just write it down in my notebook or phone and then sometime later on I go back to it and develop it. I try to find inspiration in anything around me, people, arts, tv, books, adds… ;]

Do you create with the same writing process in english and in hebrew ?

I think I do, sometimes I'll have a lyrical idea in hebrew and sometimes in English and then I just go with it.

What is your favorite word in hebrew and in english ?

In hebrew I think it's שקיפות (shkifut) - transparency and in english I think it's bubbles :}

France seems to have an important role for TYP (and we are happy and grateful for that !). Your music is inspired by Justice, Daft Punk, Ottawan, Joe Dassin, Jean Michel Jarre etc. Can you tell us more about that ?

France is Def a great influence on us. We've been listening to French artists for many years, from Ottawan and Jean Michel Jarre to Daft Punk and Justice and we always thought that the "french sound" in electronic music is beautiful and really cool. So we were really happy to be signed by a French label and be a part of that French music scene we were looking at from afar for years...

I think TYP is a special band, with an artistic exploration, using social networks, producing magazine, with web designer, graphic designer …. I have read that TYP operate like a kibbutz ! Could you tell us more about that ? I think it miss one thing : a video about your next tour …

Yea, the concept of TYP is being a new kind of "band" where the members are not only musicians but other artists from other disciplines because we feel that today we communicate music and ideas in general in many ways other then sound and that's what we are trying to do. That's why the visual element is important in everything that we do, also when we play live.

 We have so many videos coming now that we didn't wanna flood the fans with to much….hehe

Have you started to work on next album ?

Yes we did we started writing some songs and thinking of directions and concepts for our 2nd album. We have some cool stuff coming!

Could you give us some details about your next tour in USA ?

I really don't know yet...

And the most important question : why do you wear red socks on stage ?

For us the red socks are a symbol for the idea that no one is only what it seems on the outside at a first look. We have that office like geek look but if you look closely the sox are red… or then we use someone like Uriel with us to show that nothing is one dimensional and he kinda represent the "back of our minds."

Merci Ivri !Ivri Lider